Health and Nutrition Top Tips!

Health and Nutrition Top Tips!

Our resident Nutritionist Sarah Carolides has given us some great top tips for keeping your health and nutrition in top shape!

Now the weather is cooling and the central heating is starting to go on, don’t forget your body and skin need water just as much in winter and summer. Aim for 3 litres a day of water, juices and herbal teas to keep your cells firing on all cylinders and your skin plumped up!

Nutrition Tips | hydration


Blood Sugar
Avoiding the blood sugar highs and lows is the key to keeping energy levels stable throughout the day. Make sure you include a source of protein (meat, fish, eggs, beans, pulses, nuts and seeds) with every meal and snack alongside a starchy carbohydrate and loads of veggies.

Nutrition Tips | Blood Sugar


Good Snacks
Worried about a  mid-afternoon slump? Keep some nuts and seeds in your office drawer to keep your energy levels up through the 4pm danger zone so you don’t get seduced by the office biscuit tin.

Nutrition Tips | Healthy Snacks


Micro exercising is the new trend. Wear trainers to work and take the stairs instead of the lift. Did you know that if you walk up 2 floors 4 times a day, you will have walked up the equivalent of the Shard every 4 weeks?

Health Tips | Micro Exercise



Try a New Veg
Variety is the key to looking after your health and gut.  How about making friends with butternut squash now it’s coming into season?

Nutrition Tips | New Veg

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