Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Elos Hair Removal

The Elos Plus is a state of the art Syneron Candela medical grade laser— also known as the complete aesthetic workstation that uses a combination of optical energy with bi-polar radio frequency for safe and effective treatments on all skin types. The Elos Plus has many different applicators that can treat a wide variety of client’s needs. The Motif Vantage applicator is used for laser hair removal and achieves permanent hair reduction of pigmented and minimally pigmented hair on all skin types. Through a combination of (electric) Diode and (RF) radio frequency energy, the Elos Plus Motif is able to treat targets with lower optical absorption ( i.e. light hair & collagen). Unlike other laser hair removal technologies, the Elos Plus Motif targets and destroys the hair follicle without impacting the surrounding skin. An added unique cooling feature within the Motif Vantage applicator also ensures that patients with sensitive skin are comfortable during the treatment.

What can Syneron Candela's Elos plus treat?

Besides laser hair removal, Elos Plus treats a variety of skin irregularities such as: acne, acne scars, facial and spider veins, vascular lesions, wrinkles, rosacea, straie (stretch marks), leg veins and beard bumps. With the wide range of treatments, the Elos Plus is completely versatile and well equipped to give you the results that you have only ever dreamed of.

What should I expect during my Elos Plus Hair Removal Treatment?

The Elos Plus, as stated above, uses the most advanced technology to ensure amazing results on any treatment and patient. Therefore, all patients will experience safe and effective treatments on all skin types. Your experience will exclude downtime or recovery time after your laser hair removal treatments. Although we suggest that you stay out of the sun for approximately one to two weeks after your treatments, there are no other requirements or side effects of laser hair removal with the Elos Plus laser. The number of treatments vary depending on the area of skin being treated but this will be determined during your first consultation at Elegance Sculpting.

How should I prepare for a laser hair removal treatment?

If it’s your first time getting laser hair removal, here are a few pointers before you head to your appointment at Elegance Sculpting. For optimal results and to avoid the possibility of hyperpigmentation it is recommended you keep the area that will be treated out of direct sunlight for one to two weeks before your first treatment. Prior to your appointment, shave the area you desire to treat—this allows the laser to not target the visible hair but the actual hair follicle below the skin. Avoid waxing, tweezing or plucking the hairs prior to your treatment, that way the laser can target the hair follicle and prevent future grow back.

What should I expect after my laser hair removal treatment?

After your Elos Plus laser hair removal treatment, the treated skin may feel sensitive, warm and slightly irritated. These mild side effects quite common and will be gone within 24 hours of your treatment. Ensure the treated skin stays out of direct sunlight and avoid procedures such as microdermabrasion, exfoliating or the use of harsh products that may irritate the area. Clients can expect hair growth will decrease within the four week span of their approximately six treatments. During this time you can shave your hair, but do not pluck, wax or tweeze your hair as the hair follicle is most important part in this clinical procedure.

Is Elos Plus Hair Removal painful?

Elos Plus hair removal is the most comfortable laser hair removal experience on the market. With the Motif applicator’s unique cooling technique, discomfort is very minimal and painful pulses shortened.

How soon can I expect results?

Results will start to become noticeable within the two to four weeks after your very first treatment. We recommend that you only shave the area in between sessions, as other methods of hair removal like waxing or plucking will remove the follicle, which is what we want to destroy.

When is the best time of year to start hair removal treatment?

Elos Plus laser hair removal can be started at any time of the year as sessions require no downtime; however, it is recommended that you begin sessions approximately ten month prior to your desired “hairless” date. The fall is usually the perfect time to begin laser hair removal with Elos Plus as unwanted hair will be gone before next summer. It is also recommended that your treated skin stays removed from direct sunlight for approximately two to four week prior to your session thus making sweater season the perfect time. As always use SPF 30 or higher sunscreen when sun exposure cannot be avoided.

How long is the procedure?

A full Elos Plus hair removal treatment takes approximately six to eight sessions to complete, each staggered three to four weeks apart. Depending on the surface area and the amount of hair being removed, the process takes less than a year in total. Multiple sessions are required for a successful laser hair removal treatment as the hair follicle must be targeted during the growth cycle. By the end of your sessions, you are left with only permanently smooth skin.

How long do the results last?

Results are typically permanent, however after a full treatment has been completed you may want an annual session to maintain the quality of results. This highly depends on your hair colour and density of hair.


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