Alidya® Cellulite Correction

Alidya® Cellulite Correction (Edinburgh Only)

The first injectable solution specifically formulated to reduce and eliminate cellulite, Alidya is a revolutionary injectable mesotherapy solution for the treatment and prevention of cellulite.

Alidya works by:

Normalising the physiological function of adipose tissue

Alkalisation of the extracellular matrix

Improving tissue oxygenation

Providing biological components for the restructuring of the extracellular matrix

Solubilising and eliminating secondary extracellular toxic elements that interfere with vascular microcirculation

All the above result in effectively eliminating cellulite.

What does the treatment entail?

Alidya is given via mesotherapy injections. This means that the solution is given very superficially in the skin layer. In order to make the treatment even less painful an aesthetic cream is applied before hand. Each sessions lasts around 30 minutes.


The number of treatments depends on the severity of the cellulite and the individual. Usually 3-6 applications are required 1 week apart. In severe instances up to 12 treatments may be utilized.


The procedure is nearly painless once the anaesthetic cream is applied. The pain is secondary to the mesotherapy injections applied to the skin.