Celluma LED Light Therapy Facial

Celluma LED light therapy

The 3 mode Celluma Pro treats Acne, Pigmentation, and Fine lines and wrinkles.  This powerful LED helps kill bacteria on the skin and stimulates collagen. It can be had on its own as an intense treatment or added on to any facial for an extra boost.  It’s the perfect mini treatment that instantly adds glow to the skin.

Light Therapy is used to stimulate collagen response, improve pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, detox the skin and help with congestion, inflammation and redness.
Rejuvenate and improve problematic skin
Uses safe, low-level light therapy (LLLT) by way of high quality surface-mounted, light emitting diodes (LED’s) in 4 variations to expose the skin to 4 wavelengths of light.
Different treatment programmes are used to work on different skin types and concerns





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