Sarah Carolides

Nutritionist London

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Sarah specialises in nutrition for weight loss and skin issues. Supporting your programme from the inside alongside our spa treatments on the outside will ensure you achieve your goals in the fastest time possible. We know that hormones, leaky gut, food intolerances or genetics can all stop you getting the results you want. Using medical testing and creating personalised menu plans, adding nutritional therapy to your programme will make sure you feel and look your very best both inside and out.

Sarah Carolides | Nutritionist | Beyond Medi Spa

Detox Programmes

Sometimes a detox programme is exactly what is needed to get you ready for an important event or kick-start your health after an indulgent holiday or difficult business trip. We can provide programmes lasting from 3 to 21 days that will cleanse your body, clear your head and give you a spring in your step that lasts for months.

Genetic Testing

Beyond Medispa has partnered with REVIV Genetics to offer the most comprehensive and reliable DNA tests currently on the market. Want to know whether fats or carbohydrates will help you lose weight? Or whether drinking coffee will make you age faster? Using a simple saliva test, we can reveal exactly what your body needs to look and feel your best.

Nutrition Blogs

Sarah Carolides: Skin Report

Our skin plays a role not only in how we look, but also in how we feel. Whether we’re battling acne or worrying about wrinkles, it can be hard to feel our best when we’re not feeling confident within our own skin. But fortunately, beautiful skin doesn’t have to be a mystery. There’s plenty we [...]

Nutrition and Healthy Skin

Why is it important to eat healthily to keep your skin fresh?

Exploring the Skin & Gut

Nutritionist Sarah Carolides explains the important relationship between your skin health and gut health

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