Reviv Lifestyle Genetics

Reviv Lifestyle Genetics

If you could rewrite your future to extend your life, prevent disease,
improve your athletic ability or enhance your appearance, would you?



With MyREVIV Lifestyle Genetics you have the ability to do just this,
through understanding your unique genetic make up you can make small changes that can have a huge impact. The human body contains approximately 30,000 genes with a compendium
of knowledge locked within our DNA. Unlock the molecular secrets of your own genetic code with MyREVIV and realise your full potential through customised therapies recommended by our team of scientists.



After starting your journey to discover yourself and submitting your DNA for testing you can track progress through your secure MyREVIV account. Once complete, your personal analysis is delivered to you via a 1:1 consultation with an experienced member of the REVIV Global Medical Team and accompanied by a hard copy report beautifully bound and personalised, a robust guide to help you as you continue the journey to change your life and rewrite your future!




They say that beauty comes from within and it’s true; the real facts about how we will age come from within our family genetics and understanding these facts enables us to take effective action to deliver visible results.



No two people are the same, meaning the foods that are healthy for one person could be detrimental for another. By understanding our personal micronutrient requirements, we can make small changes to deliver life-changing results.

Sports & Nutrition


If you’re serious about improving your sports performance you need this test in your life! By identifying your athletic profile and key factors such as muscle structure, inflammation and oxidative stress, we can help you reach your peak.

Health, Weight & Nutrition


The test that will truly change your life forever! Analysing over 110 genetic variations to give you a unique insight into the real you. This once in a lifetime purchase will guide on how to live your best life including a detailed overview of the foods, nutrients and medications that can either extend your life or drastically reduce it.

Beauty, Weight & Nutrition


We all want to look and feel our best; through understanding your genetic make up and how other internal and external factors influence your physical appearance, you’ll never again waste time and money on faddy diets or the latest beauty regimes that always fail to deliver the promised results.

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