Obagi Products

We’re pleased to sell Obagi products in our clinics. Obagi Medical products work by changing the way the skin functions at a cellular level, delivering unparalleled results. The Obagi System is comprised of a range of topical treatments developed to address a variety of skin concerns. We do not carry the entire spectrum of products. Certain items require a prescription, necessitating an order via prescription. Additionally, we offer skin consultations and devise personalized treatment/product plans for our clientele.


Obagi Nu-Derm Fx System

  • Anti aging and Correction
  • Moderate-to-severe hyperpigmentation (inc Melasma)
  • Fine lines & wrinkles, laxity & rough uneven texture
  • Adult Acne
  • Oily or greasy skin
  • Enhancement of procedure results
    *Trial Kits available, treatment duration approx. 6 weeks. Please note Obagi Hydrate is not included and should be purchased separately..

OBAGI360 System

Dull, dry and uneven skin tone
Minimal fine lines and wrinkles
Occasional breakouts or loss of radiance

Speciality Products


  • Fine lines, wrinkles & light melasma
  • Pigmentary changes due to acne in darker skin
  • Uneven skin tone, laxity & texture issues
  • Boost outcome of other systems such as Nu-Derm, Obagi-C Rx & CLENZIderm

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