Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

Kristin Taylor | Intuitive Healing | London

Kristin Taylor - Intuitive Healer

Kristin is an internationally-renown Angel Expert, Master Healer, Author, and founder of the Lightworkers Training Academy. Her work has been the subject of media attention including, Spirit & Destiny, Chat It’s Fate, Psychologies, Eastern Eye, and London’s Evening Standard magazines. She also has been featured in the Gazette (USA).

Kristin is the author of the book ‘A Practical Guide to Ascension with Archangel Metatron’. She studied at Colorado College, Tulane Law School, the College of Psychic Studies, and Arthur Findlay College. She has trained in many healing modalities and extensively studied the energy patterns that often manifest in illness.

She has over 15 year of experience and has helped countless clients lead happier and healthier lives.

Kristin’s sessions take place in the form of a conversation, and often the client enters a relaxed, meditative state.



An Intuitive Balancing is a healing session that can address any area of life, including emotional wellbeing, love (finding a partner), family relationships, financial abundance, career, life purpose, self-confidence, and self-love. Sometimes clients just feel stuck without knowing why. During a session, Kristin intuitively determines the core energies behind the matter at hand, usually at the subconscious level. Unhelpful patterns and past trauma can be released during a session and replaced with positive energies.



Kristin can sense energy imbalances and stuck emotions in the body which can be the cause of physical ailments. She intuitively balances these energies to help the client achieve better health.

She also offers ‘energetic botox’ to help clients look younger naturally. A Medical Intuition session is similar to Intuitive Balancing, except that Kristin focuses on energies affecting the physical body.


Kristin is an expert at spiritual channeling – contacting high level beings, primarily archangels, for support and guidance. She is able to access inspired insight for any area of life, including general guidance, love, career, and financial abundance. She seeks to help her clients to feel empowered, get ‘unstuck’ and identify the best way forward.


£140 – 50 minutes appointment time

£350 – Course of 3

£675 – Course of 6

Available twice a month in Harvey Nichols, London

Kristin Taylor – Intuitive Healer

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