Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injectables

Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections treatment is an alternative treatment to coolsculpting and liposcutiom. A fat removal therapy which reduces stubborn fat deposits in notoriously tricky areas such as the stomach, outer and inner thighs, and the chin area.

Fat Dissolving Injections are specially-formulated compound solutions which are injected into the problem area. It works by attaching to fatty deposits, breaking them down over time.

The fat is then naturally dissolved and flushed out by the body.

Fat Dissolving Injections can be used to treat almost all small deposits of fat, but the most popular treatment areas include the chin, thighs, arms, and stomach.

Results are effective, quick, and minimally invasive.

This treatment is performed by a Doctor only.

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