Cool Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Non-invasive treatment that targets fine-lines, pigmentation, age spots and acne.

Effective for treating a number of skin concerns, including skin tightening

The heat triggers a healing response in the deeper layer of the skin that boosts collagen growth

Key Benefits of Cool Laser

Non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment

Smooth wrinkles and improve the appearance of scars

It uses a pulse of laser light that is shorter in duration and only targets the water within the layers of the skin, leaving other tissue unharmed.

It is suitable for all skin types.






3 weeks

4 days

Downtime (redness)

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It’s the non-invasive treatment the Kardashians swear by, and now it has landed in the UK! Book in for CoolLaser treatments today at Beyond Medispa, Harvey Nichols.

From fine-lines and pigmentation to age spots and acne, The Novus Medical Cool Laser Treatment will effectively treat a number of skin concerns whether it be fine lines or scars. It can even tighten skin around the jawline or plump lips without the use of fillers.

To top it off, the treatment has a much quicker cooling off time in comparison to other skin lasers that leave you red, peeling and hiding indoors for days. The pulse from the Cool Laser heats the water in the skin and evaporates it.

The duration of the pulse can be adjusted for different types of treatments making it versatile whatever your skin concern. The heat also triggers a healing response in the deeper layer of the skin that boosts collagen growth to give the skin a smoother appearance over a longer period of time.

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Why our customers love Cool Laser

I’ve been having skin treatments at Beyond Medispa for the over a year because I’ve finally found an excellent aesthetician who’s helped me keep my skin in check and manage skin concerns.

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