Remove unwanted hair, treat acne, vascular treatments and skin rejuvenation.

Unparalleled speed, effectiveness, safety and comfort.

Latest innovation in laser hair removal available at our Edinburgh clinic.

Our clinic in Edinburgh is situated on the 2nd floor of Harvey Nichols in the heart of the city. Our amazing group of doctors are experienced and dedicated to providing you the best in quality and service.

Medio Star Laser Hair Removal | Beyond Medi Spa

Key benefits of MeDioStar

Largest spot size on hand piece on the market

Suitable for all skin types

Safe, effective and painless

360° contact skin cooling system cools the epidermis very efficiently

Varies per




Results in

2 weeks



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MeDioStar is a pulsed diode laser (laser class 4) used for removing unwanted hair, treating acne, vascular treatments and for skin rejuvenation. Unparalleled speed, effectiveness, safety, and patient comfort. The newest innovation in laser hair removal, the MeDioStar, is the ultimate diode laser for safe and effective hair removal on all skin types!

MeDioStar laser hair removal | beyond medispa

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In expert hands. I felt thoroughly checked, that all appropriate products were used for me.

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