Dr Jane speaks to HuffPost about Botox!

Dr Jane speaks to HuffPost about Botox!

Increasing numbers of people, particularly women, undergo regular, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, dubbed “tweakments”

“I definitely see the effect the lack of Botox has had to my face,” says Sarah*, a 28-year-old originally from London. “Yes, it’s the natural me, but I don’t have that fresh tight glow that I usually have – and I really miss it.”

Sarah, who has been getting lip fillers since she was 20 and Botox in her forehead since she was 24, moved to Israel just before lockdown. Israel is ahead of the UK in lifting lockdown, so she has an appointment for her usual tweakments this week.

Amidst the uncertainty of clinics opening in the UK, though, some members of the public have attempted ‘DIY tweakments’, says Dr Jane Leonard, a qualified GP, as well as a cosmetic doctor.

“I’ve luckily got such a good relationship with my clients that they fully understand the need to wait for me to get back to work,” says Dr Leonard, who’s been working on the NHS frontline during the pandemic.

“However, I’ve heard from peers in the industry that they’ve had clients purchase filler on the internet and attempt to administer it themselves.”

Dr Leonard stresses the need to have procedures carried out by a qualified professional and says attempting to use fillers on yourself can be dangerous.

“You can very easily hit a nerve, and worse case scenario cut off blood supply, making the area go black and needing urgent medical attention,” she tells HuffPost UK.


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