Don’t panic if you’ve had to go without Botox injections during lockdown

Don’t panic if you’ve had to go without Botox injections during lockdown

Lockdown has given many of us a fresh appreciation for our old grooming habits.

We long for a decent trim – one that hasn’t been inflicted by our poor stressed-out housemates as we force them to watch yet another YouTube tutorial on how to cut layers.

While some of our usual treatments have been replaced by DIY at-home versions, there are others we’ve simply had to make do without – making us confront versions of our faces we may not be too pleased to see.

If you’re used to regularly getting fillers, facials, and injections of Botox, for example, lockdown will likely have put you in a bit of a funk, suddenly unable to get the tweakments that make you feel good about the way you look.

In the case of Botox, we have an important message: while continuing to watch your skin sag and wrinkles emerge in lockdown is stressful, you don’t need to panic about the longterm consequences.

And you definitely shouldn’t deal with that discomfort by attempting DIY treatments.

Dr Jane Leonard, who has nine years of experience in aesthetic treatments, explains that going without your regularly scheduled Botox for a few months will mean wrinkles reappear – but these can easily be smoothed again once lockdown is over.

‘Botox lasts typically between three to six months,’ Dr Leonard tells ‘The length of treatment is dependent on the dose of Botox used and how strong the facial muscles are.

‘To maintain smooth skin and keep lines and wrinkles at bay it is recommended you have Botox injections every three to four months but this varies from person to person.


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